Frank Critelli: Singer-songwriter


Frank Critelli writes songs. He dabbles in haiku and other short poetry. He also writes other things. Like postcards. His songs are available on compact disc or for download at places like CD Baby and Amazon.

Frank Critelli often performs live. Sometimes he performs solo, sometimes he is accompanied by one or more musical co-conspirators (“The Don” Horton: bass guitar, acoustic guitar; Shandy Lawson: lead guitar, mandolin; Mark Mirando: keys, guitar, backing vocals; Al Raebuck: guitar, backing vocals; Rich “Southbound” Suarez: drums; Jim Stavris: drums; Ed Leonard: percussion; Bumpy Chimes: guitar, misc) or in conjunction with other songwriters (most specifically, as part of the Times Three Tour with Christopher Bousquet and Mr. Ray Neal). Over the years he’s played in streets and subways, barrooms and classrooms, coffeehouses and colleges, theaters, festivals, and (most recently) in his kitchen.