Frank Critelli: Singer-songwriter


with Norman Cross

Ain't It the Truth

Ain’t It The Truth – The Songs and Poetry of Norman Cross
(2010) Barking Toad Music

with The Frank Critelli Band

(2010) ThinManMusic


Frank Critelli has been writing Rock-n-Roll friendly folk songs for years. In that time he has always turned a phrase, set a hook, and taken us along for musical jaunts with deep personal meanings. –Independisc

Solo recordings

Everything is Everything
(2014) ThinManMusic

Everything Is Everything

Recorded by Michael Arafeh at The Coffeehouse, Middletown, CT

Waltzing Through Quicksand
(2008) ThinManMusic

Waltzing Through Quicksand

It’s easy for us here in the Elm City to take Frank Critelli for granted. He plays out all the time, and releases quality albums at least once a year. But we challenge you to find a more consistent or rewarding songwriter around here. Frank knows what he’s doing, and it always shows.  Song after song, Waltzing delivers. –Pat Ferrucci, New Haven Register

The songs are nicely crafted originals with subtle pop hooks that grab hold on repeated listens.  Razor sharp lyrics are brought into clear focus.  Critelli is a Nutmeg State treasure. –Alan Bisbort, Hartford Advocate

This disc is really choice. Different tempos, different moods, all good, so there’s really no need to highlight any specific tracks (although This Predicament is a gem). Honestly? This is great. –Play Magazine, New Haven

A Rat’s Dose
(2008) ThinManMusic

A Rat's Dose

This disc acts as a fine compliment to Critelli’s more richly produced studio albums.  Here, Critelli uses just a few chords per song and writes simple but smart lyrics about taking stock at a certain stage in one’s adulthood, and his folksy tunes have a classic and affable feel; there are indeed some gems.  It feels as if Critelli and his cohort Shandy Lawson are playing in your living room (in fact, on a lot of these, they are playing in Lawson’s), which gives the disc a loose and endearing quality.  Even on the songs that don’t transcend, they’re welcome guests. –Brian LaRue, New Haven Advocate

Before You Break
(2006) ThinManMusic

Before You Break

Critelli’s melodies – and his lush backing vocals – betray a clear debt to 60’s and 70’s pop, yet this is not light fare. He addresses failing friendships, sex, love and breakdowns in communication, and does so without becoming heavy-handed. –Brian LaRue, New Haven Advocate

Opening with an acoustic-driven anthem of contented resignation – titled Downhill, as in, “It’s all downhill from here” – and closing with a swirling, ethereal folk song (The Moment of Creation), the album touches on a lot in between, from light acoustic work to full-on rock. The sleazily fuzzed-out guitars of power-pop chugger Horndog compliment its cheerfully raunchy lyrics; the gently urgent acoustic-and-vocals title track is quite Beatlesque in its simple, strong pop songwriting; and the radiant It’s the Way is pretty, poignant, and energetically paced, bringing to mind everything from Tom Petty to Under the Milky Way in its brief, stirring three minutes. But the disc does have a consistent thread running through it, in both Critelli’s witty but down-to-earth lyrics – covering everything from friendship to getting older to sex – and the songs’ polished (but not fussy) sound. –Nick Scalia, Play Magazine

The Silver City (single)
(2006) ThinManMusic

The Silver City


(2002) ThinManMusic


A beautiful, stirring self-examination of life, life’s lessons, the applications of such and their effects on not only one person’s future, but the lives of those touched by them as well. –Independisc

Half Way There
(2002) ThinManMusic

(2000) Third Floor Chalet Songs

Rear View Mirror

Critelli’s lyrics are poignant and deeply insightful without running around on the Great Maudlin Reef. His guitar work is skillful and melodic and, and his vocals flow like the heavily creamed java that is served in the coffeehouses that he has played up and down the east coast for the past ten years. –Craig Gilbert, New Haven Advocate

(2000) Third Floor Chalet Songs


It’s not everyday you meet someone, like them, then come to find you can walk across their mind. That’s what this record is. Frank Critelli talk to you about what he sees and feels – the anonymous observer. This record will stick with you for the great music, but I found it to be so much more than that. –Chris Fritch, Meriden Record-Journal

Two In The Afternoon
(1996) Third Floor Chalet Songs

Two in the Afternoon

This is hard-working coffeehouse solo folkie Frank Critelli’s breakout showcase as a songwriter. Critelli exudes most of the same warmth and accessibility he does live – it’s nice to find a solo acoustic artist these days who’s not hammering you over the head with mantras, vocal gimmickry, or corn. –Chris Arnott, New Haven Advocate

Frank Critelli’s Two In The Afternoon is a play on the solution to the Sphinx riddle, and the songs are arranged into three suites: morning, afternoon, and night. The album is a splendid debut effort, carefully crafted, the songs often exploring the meaning of identity in the different phases of human life. –Folkfare Magazine

This Must Be The Place
(1992) Third Floor Chalet Songs

This Must Be The Place


Back To School
(1991) Third Floor Chalet Songs

Back to School


With The Sawtelles

Live at the Buttonwood

Live From the Buttonwood Tree

With the band Brutally Frank

You Can’t Handle the Truth
(2005) ThinManMusic

You Can't Handle The Truth

Brutally Frank may have been created by Frank Critelli to privately exorcize his demons, but by releasing it, he has helped to do the same with ours. –Independisc

With the band 404

Live at Elm City Java
(2004) Self-Released

Live at 4:04am
(2003) Suburban Poser Records


Not Before My Time (2010)
This compilation from Golden Microphone includes one FC composition.

Walk The Line (2007)
This compilation from Urban Angel Music includes one FC composition.

Play Magazine: Music to Waste Your Wednesdays By, Vol. 2 (2006)
This New Haven music compilation from Play Magazine includes one FC composition.

As Far As We Know (2005) 
FC’s rendition of “I Woke Up In The Mayflower” is included in this 17-artist tribute to the music of Mark Mulcahy.

Elm City Java Presents: Javathon Compilation (2004) 
This New Haven music compilation includes two FC compositions.

Let’s Get Furious
(2002) ThinManMusic 
FC’s rendition of “I Kissed Your Wife” is included in this 38-artist tribute to the music of The Furors.

True Fables
(1998) Maximum Minstrels
Literary companion to James Velvet’s Maximum Minstrels Music Series; lyrics to three of Frank’s songs are included in this book of prose.